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All watches tell time. So do phones. In Fact, Watches do extraordinary things these days - they tell your heart rate, your calorie burn, steps taken, sleep patterns and more. Mechanical watches can do none of these. However, We at The Revolver Watch Club believe that Mechanical Watches do tell time in style. They tell time with drama unmatched by anything digital. They reflect your unique taste in design as well as an appreciation of precision watchmaking. They define you. They set you apart.

Buying a watch has never been easier. Most if not all watch brands are accessible – many online - as are endless reviews on each model. The choice is driven by the kind of watch you like – and the exclusivity you can afford. The watch you are buying after all is hardly to tell the time. It’s a conversation starter. It’s a statement.

Then there is the question of depreciation. Most watches - like other things depreciate with time. Most – not all though. This leads us to an entirely different approach to watches. That of used vintage watches.

When it comes to exclusivity, nothing comes remotely close to the exclusivity that a vintage mechanical watch offers. The rarity, the design, its place in history of watchmaking – as well as the individual back stories, real or imagined, lends vintage and used watches so much drama.

Mechanical watches are extremely accurate machines. To be accurate they have to be built well. And if handled with respect they last generations. Mechanical vintage watch prices reflect values that have stabilised over time - and will in fact very likely appreciate - making them a safe investment.

Every good thing in life needn’t be prohibitively expensive. Affordable used and vintage mechanical watches can be very reasonably priced. Nothing in life gets better than affordable exclusivity right. It speaks of a genuine watch enthusiast, a horologist in the making. A person with knowledge and a genuine interest in vintage watches. Not just someone with money.

Your first Affordable vintage and used watches is a portal to a lifetime of discovery. It allows you to be a part of watchmaking history. Once you’re through the door via The Revolver Watch Club you can go in so many directions - discovering vintage watch designs, types, brands as well as the evolution of watch engineering as it evolved.

This is made infinitely easier due to the ease of selling or trading up mechanical vintage watches online. Vintage Mechanical watches don’t depreciate remember!

A vintage mechanical watch makes an extraordinary gift. In a world where it's increasingly difficult to surprise – gifting a vintage mechanical watch can truly impress.

The Revolver Watch Club brings to the watch enthusiast community of India every vintage and used watch they need. It is the vanguard that provides the watch enthusiast with information, guidance, support – and a beautiful collection of used and vintage mechanical watches at prices that offer lasting value. It also connects them to a vibrant community through various forums as well as events and meetups - helping translate an interest into a hobby.

At The Revolver Watch Club find curated vintage watches from a range of brands like HMT, Seiko, Citizen, Timex, Certina, Girard Perregaux, Enicar, Titoni, Dugena, Tressa and more. Each brand has its unique attributes which enhances the value of its watches - and makes them perfect for someone.